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You can be part of this compassionate work without leaving your chair – make a contribution online through our secure payment facility.

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Join our 2500 members and volunteers who live their faith by reaching out to disadvantaged people in their local community.

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Do you know how to lay bricks? Plumbing … dressmaking … knitting? Can you start a vegetable garden … tutor a child? Contact us!

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Supplies such as blankets, clothing and shoes, toiletries, food, building materials and paint, fabric and knitting wool are always needed.

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Soup kitchen
``What you have done unto one of the least of my brethren, you have done it to me.``

clothing donation

During Lent, consider donating food, clothing or cash to SSVP – we’ll make sure it gets to those who are suffering and in need.

Lent is a time to work on improving ourselves. Plan now to make the most of it.

Many Catholics give up something for Lent … sweets, cake, biscuits, meat or beer! But during this time of spiritual renewal, reflection and self denial, we are also encouraged to perform acts of kindness towards our fellow men.

It could be something as simple as sharing food with someone in need … making up a food parcel to give to a beggar on the street … donating a pair of shoes or a blanket to someone who has nothing … or volunteering to help at a soup kitchen.

But while our intentions are good, in today’s busy world many of us struggle to find time for even these small acts of generosity. If this sounds like you, please give us the means to do good on your behalf.

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Other ways to help:

  • Clean out your cupboards and wardrobes of all unused or unwanted items and donate them to someone in need, or to your parish St Vincent de Paul Society;
  • Don’t buy any non-essential new clothes or gadgets or spend less money on entertainment and eating out. You can then donate the money you save to a Catholic programme serving poor and needy people;
  • Take the kids grocery shopping for the poor. Let them help you bring the food to a local old age home, children’s home or parish feeding scheme;
  • Encourage children to light a candle for people throughout the world who are sick, hungry or oppressed;
  • Spend an extra few minutes every day in prayer and thanksgiving.
  • Give up complaining. Focus on the positive and thank God for everything you have been blessed with.
  • Your prayers are also a gift. Remember to pray for Vincentians around the world, and all the people we serve.Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.

Heart of our work

Our core work involves alleviating the worst human suffering in areas of abject poverty – where families live in homes made of cardboard or thin plastic … where unemployment and malnutrition is rife … and where parents are dying and leaving children to care for one another.

We help the hungry, the homeless, the sick, vulnerable children and destitute aged.

And because most of the work is done by volunteers, almost every cent you donate goes directly to helping those in need.

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