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Year of Paul Lamache

Year of Lamache Competition

2019 is the thematic year of Paul Lamache (1810-1892). In the first of what will become an annual Literary Contest, Vincentians are invited to present new or little known facts about the man's personal, professional, Vincentian and family life.

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News from Howick

Grateful thanks to all who gave during the Lenten appeal; your support made it possible for us to assemble and distribute care packages to those in need in and around Howick. Rice, maize meal, sugar, tea, soup, dried beans,...

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Compassion for homeless

In Quigney, East London about 20 homeless people – most of whom sleep under verandas in town near the beachfront, were touched by the kindness of the members of the  Holy Redeemer Conference. Thanks to tony Cotterall and Robert...

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